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Experiencing pain causes discomfort, anxiety, and fear. Our commitment is to treat you like a family member, with honesty and compassion. Let’s review the best options and choose the best treatment that fits your time, health, and financial needs.



The first step toward resolving pain is correctly diagnosing the root cause of the problem. I have invested heavily in the best cutting-edge technology (ex. Cone Beam CT, digital microscopes, etc.) to ensure an accurate and swift diagnosis. Anything less can cause additional time, money, or loss of teeth.



Infections don’t cooperate with your schedule, so I do my best to see you immediately. That may mean staying late in the office or seeing you on the weekend. Not to worry, I am passionate about removing your pain so that you can live your life to the fullest.

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Meet Dr. Masood Sirjani, DDS, Pharm.D : Professional Endodontist in Chandler AZ

Patient health and well-being is Dr. Masood Sirjani’s greatest passion. With comprehensive training in endodontics, general dentistry, and pharmacy from leading U.S. institutions, Dr. Sirjani is fully prepared and deeply committed to fostering optimal patient health. Often patients come in on their worst days, suffering through pain and discomfort, which disrupts daily life. With compassion, honesty, and expertise, Dr. Sirjani uses cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat the problem. He finds it rewarding to take a patient out of pain and suffering, and return them to enjoying life.
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I had been suffering in pain for over a year and was scared of seeing yet another dentist. Upon my first visit with Dr. Sirjani – using 3D imaging instead of 2D imaging – he was able to find the cause of my pain and we mapped out a treatment plan together. I love that he was kind and patient and explained everything in detail. This put me at ease. More importantly, I love that I am enjoying life again completely pain free.
Dr. Masood Sirjani - Ocotillo Lakes Dental

Why Technology Matters

The best treatment starts with a correct diagnosis.

A patient of mine came to me after suffering in pain for 2 years, without a correct diagnosis. She had seen multiple general dentists, but her infection was not showing on the standard 2D radiographs. Looking at the 2D radiographs I couldn’t see an infection either. We used a Cone Beam CT (not used by most dental offices) to create a 3D image, and the infection site was readily apparent.

After treatment, she returned with her teeth saved, to a pain-free and happy life.

I received many thank yous, a box of delicious cookies, and the satisfaction of changing another patient’s life for the better.

Dr. Sirjani
Studies show that a Cone Beam CT can change treatment planning in 62% of cases.

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