Cone Beam CT

What is a Cone Beam CT and why does it matter?

If you want to end your pain and suffering, the first step is getting a correct diagnosis. And a Cone Beam CT is the best advanced technology available for providing an accurate diagnosis.

CBCT imaging is one of the greatest technological advances in dentistry in the past 20 years, providing superior diagnosis accuracy over traditional 2-D X-Rays.

This imaging creates a 3-D view of teeth that can be examined from all surfaces, which is critical for enhancing diagnosis, treatment planning, and improving the prognosis of root canal therapy. In many instances, it can help avoid unnecessary treatment and can aid in determining why a tooth is not responding to initial treatment.

CBCT Technology:

At Ocotillo Lakes Endodontics, we believe that we can not fix what we can not see. By implementing a 3-D Cone Beam CT (CBCT) we are able to produce the highest resolution imaging to better diagnose and treat our patients.

The Cone Beam image opens up an amazing world of sight for better patient diagnostic capabilities and root canal services. We observe incredible anatomical detail and viewing capabilities with powerful, focused-field, high-resolution, 3-D images, and unprecedented x-ray views of the oral cavity.

With a CBCT scan you can:

See lesions, anatomy, pathology, and situations not evident otherwise. View previously unseen anatomical detail to diagnose more accurately and treat with higher confidence and success.

Observe horizontal and vertical fractures and resorption.

Other Special Features of a CBCT Technology:

  • High resolution images allow viewing of teeth with crisp clarity
  • Low radiation via innovative area-specific radiography
  • Increased diagnostic ability leads to more efficient appointments, saving you money and time
  • Image acquisition while you face our team member enhances your comfort
  • Lower cost than a medical CT Scan
  • Lower radiation than a medical CT Scan
  • Ideal for: Retreatment procedures, trauma, resorption, fractures and failing root canals

Our office is equipped with the latest generation Carestream 8100 3-Dimensional Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT).

Cone Beam CT

Full Examination and Cone Beam CT for $99.