Dental Fractures

Why Cracked Teeth are No Laughing Matter

Do you have a cracked tooth / teeth?

Cracked teeth can arise in many different ways. For example, accidents and sports injuries come to mind. However, bad habits such as bruxing or grinding place extreme force on your teeth, which can lead to fractures. And always be careful of that stray popcorn kernel when you go to the movies!

The good news is that cracked teeth may be saved depending on the extent of the fracture. However, positive treatment requires an accurate diagnosis.

Cracked teeth don’t always show up on a 2D radiograph and can easily go undiagnosed. It’s important to have the combination of clinical examination, 2D radiographs, and a 3D Cone Beam CT to assess your situation accurately.

Once properly diagnosed, minor injuries may require no additional treatment, where as major cases may result in root canals or tooth loss.

Have you been properly diagnosed yet?

Dental Fracture

Full Examination and Cone Beam CT for $99.